Online Correctional Education

Educorr is the leader in PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) training and education for detention facilities across the United States. Our primary goal is to provide the best possible PREA training to meet federal standards and to make that training available 24/7 to people who have contact with inmates.

Our Courses

This training is designed to meet the requirements of PREA Standards 115.31, 115.32 (Adult jails and prisons), 115.131 (lockups), 115.231, 115.232 (Community Confinement), 115.331 and 115.332 (Juvenile Facilities). Certificates of course completion are presented to participants, vendors, and facility administration.


Our students receive training that both addresses the needs of the facility for PREA, and in many states also allows for Continuing Education Credit. All students receive a certificate of course completion.


Government organizations across the country are recognizing our industry setting standards. Ask your organization to get involved today!