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Five Former Inmates Sue Monroe County, Sheriff and Former Jail Deputy


Five Former Inmates Sue Monroe County, Sheriff and Former Jail Deputy

  • By: YNN Staff 

Five women have filed federal lawsuits against Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn, former jail deputy Sergeant Robert Wilson and the County of Monroe. The women are all former jail inmates.

According to the lawsuits, it is alleged that Wilson, while working at the jail, had sexual contact with the women. The lawsuit states that Wilson had contact with one woman after she was released and actually brought her to his apartment where they allegedly had sexual contact.

Wilson pleaded guilty earlier this year to a 21-count indictment for having sexual contact with female inmates. He was sentenced to six months in jail and had to register as a Level 2 sex offender.

The lawsuits also state that O'Flynn and the county did not adequately protect the women after they were made aware of an inappropriate relationship with an inmate in July of 2010.

"This case is going to be about the liability of the sheriff's department and Monroe County. I think the county will say that this is a rogue actor, but what we say is, this is a secure facility, you have women who are in Monroe County-issued jumpsuits. You have a Monroe County facility and you have a jail deputy with his little badge right here sexually abusing woman after woman after woman who is brought to him against their will," said Robert King, attorney for the plaintiffs.

The lawsuits state the women are seeking unspecified compensation and punitive damages, along with attorney's fees.

The Sheriff's Office and county declined comment.

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