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Grand jury indicts former Knox County Jail guard for allegedly sexually assaulting 3 inmates

ROCKLAND, Maine — A former Knox County Jail guard was indicted this week for 19 counts of sexually assaulting three inmates over a period of nine months.

Richard S. Wellington, 61, was indicted for two counts of unlawful sexual contact and 17 counts of unlawful sexual touching. The indictments list three different victims — with the assaults beginning in November 2012 and ending in August 2013.

Wellington was hired as a part-time corrections officer in April 2012 and was terminated in August 2013. He had previously worked at the Maine State Prison.

An affidavit filed last October when Wellington was initially charged with sexually assaulting one inmate stated he provided the woman with candy bars in exchange for her showing him her breasts and allowing him to touch them. The woman said she received candy bars on a daily basis from Wellington, when he worked, and she estimated he touched her exposed breasts up to 100 times from April through the beginning of August, according to the affidavit.

The incidents would occur in the laundry room and in a couple of cells, according to the affidavit.

The inmate also said that on one occasion, Wellington touched her genitalia.

When questioned on Aug. 16, Wellington denied having any sexual contact with inmates.

Wellington initially agreed to take a polygraph but later decided not to, according to the police report.

He is the second Knox County Jail guard accused of sexually assaulting inmates.

Adam Grierson, 26, who is listed with an address of both St. George and Camden, was arrested and charged last year with three counts of gross sexual assault in connection with offenses that allegedly occurred in January, February and March 2012.

His case remains pending in Knox County Superior Court.

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