PREA in the News

7 Reasons Why PREA is Good for You
Why is PREA (and your agency's role in PREA) important?
1.  Because PREA impacts your bottom line of tax payer dollars.  PREA has a real affect on the money your agency spends.  Not having a strong P{REA culture within your agency can and does:
  • Increased recidivism rates - Inmates who have been sexually victimized during their incarceration bring their emotional trauma and medical conditions back into the community iwth them.  They have a more difficult time maintaining a job, are more likely to become homeless, and have an increased rate of recidivism.
  • Increased healthcare costs for inmates - when inmates are sexually victimized behind bars, the healthcare for those inmates increases in costs.  From Hep B and other STDs to traumatic injury, those costs add up/
  • It compounds and increases mental illness.  The detention systems already struggle with the burden of housing more mentally ill and psychologically disturbed people.  When you add in sexual assaults among this population, you increase the psychological and mental illness affects.

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